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Skip to Content. How to bet on the Mercury Prize. Written by Louis Pattison Published on Step forward, Matthew Shaddickodds specialist at Ladbrokeswho knows more than anyone about the tricky art of picking a Mercury winner. Says Matthew :. Scroll down for Matthew's tips — and for all the latest Mercury Prize odds, check out Oddschecker.

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Joshog bettingadvice

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The Bookmaker Guide Click to Download. The Bookmaker Podcast. Betting Picks, Strategies Tips. Latest Odds Sports Betting Lingo. Withdraw from your Bookmaker account into your pocket instantly. Contact Us. Customer Support. Opening Hours. The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new World of Warcraft website. Sorry for the inconvenience. Shane Warne was born to Keith and Bridgette he was also at the centre of the John the bookmaker Summer and Jackson — with his ex-wife Simone.

The vast majority of comments were from her fans — but there was one negative response that came in, too. The comment. Nu forklarer Danske Spil, hvorfor man tog fejl af sangerindens chancer. This green one-handed mace has an item level of In the One-Handed Maces category. Always up to date with the latest patch. E la domanda che ci si pone leggendo l agenzia che arriva dall Inghilterra. Secondo la quale. But wow I'm going to be in so much trouble from her for swearing AM - 15 Sep Esse PNJ pode ser encontrado em Trommheim.

Simone the Seductress - NPC. Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. My Favorites. Sorry for the inconvenience! Simone's Cultivating Hammer. Item Level. Up-to-date list of referral bonuses offered by online bookmakers. Disculpa las molestias. Martillo de cultivo de Simone. You have no Favorite Channels. To follow a channel click the If you wish to view your Favorite Channels.

There were 3 Simone D. Baltimore, MD. Track your performance. Gain insight into your own betting across all bookmakers. See how you compare to others. Compete for prizes. However, I haven't seen any improvement and my mouse feels. Check Black Ops 4 Server Status. Let's start with a quick and easy check. If your lag has only just recently started then there might be a temporary problem with the Treyarch - Use a WiFi analyser to find the least congested channel in your area and then change to that in your router's WiFi settings The latest Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, alongside Update 1.

You should also make sure you have our latest driver downloaded, Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition We'll show you how to fix lag, connection problems and what to do about beta code and token issues. Gotta Be Mobile. That sudden sense of whiplash I experienced when a fun, tactical game suddenly turned into a slow-motion shot of graphic violence went away. Black Ops 4 has made a much-ballyhooed return to what Activision calls Black Ops 4's enemies felt really savage at release, especially without the aid of the Juggernog health boost.

You can go full-on director by setting camera points, and using other advanced features, but I typically use the basic. There are new mechanics and modes added to Black Ops 4 that can be a bit confusing at first, so we've created this guide to help you get to grips with the basics with Blackout challenges, as well as a few tips and tricks for finding vehicles and zombies and what we think the best weapons are Open settings menu.

Add your comments! What is your favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hotkey? Home Help Search Login Register. Black Ops 3 "Anti-sticky Aim" Setup. What's up everyone? I want to start this off by making a few statements to clarify this setup if the title didn't do it for ya. The higher sensitivity you play with, the less Aim assist will affect you. This is true because you simply over power Aim assist ALOT easier then a medium or low sens player can. Then take this setup and tweak the curves so that they are not so prevalent lower the peak.

My old curve worked good at medium to long range but sucked when a target got in your face. I think this curve is the best happy medium I've ever used to date to combat ALL aim assist problems. Here are my suggestions for trying out this setup or any new setup, for that matter. I suggest that this be the Vanilla ST No curves, tweaks, etc. Play maybe games all from different lobbies.

You should really find your preferred setup based on movement and shot accuracy "FEEL. When you have a setup that feels comfortable, you have a setup that builds confidence. Confidence creates dominance! So here you go! The slow decline also helps maintain control of your quick turns. Code: [Select].

I'll give a try on the weekend. Just a quick question, why do people use curves for hip? Cool that you're sharing. I don't use curves, but many do, so it's great to see people helping out. One question though. You created your curve with Steady Aim on. Steady Aim is basically a curve. Have you tried creating a curve to combat AA with Steady Aim off? Maybe you might have even better results or maybe nothing changes, but since your technically using a curve on top of a curve, I figured I'd throw it out there.

TBH, I can't hardly feel the difference between Steady aim or no steady aim. I've gone back and forth with it and it acts like the connection plays more into it then anything. I finally just decided to leave it. Where this setup really helps is with SMG's. Take this setup, adjust your sens so that it feels equally as fast as whatever you're running with. Then tell me it doesn't help that dreaded magnet effect.

Now, if you like the magnet effect then this setup isn't for you. Gurnaldo MVP Posts: Oddly enuff since the 1st week of release of this game i haven't noticed aim assist as much. Not sure if ive just got use to it or if they reduced it in a hotfix. The worst form of cheater is the one using the XIM Apex. PUBG on console is Xim users game of choice. For one specific indirect reason. No aim assist. Pubg has a raw input aiming system making it perfect for these users.

Track a target and I get the skill of no aim assist. The issue is out of players someone is using the Apex. They have 12 kills and are a wrecking ball that can go from head shot to head shot at m in the matter of seconds. As a user base and customers we should demand aim assist.

Also we should demand that they match Apex users against Apex users. Also pubg Corp should lead the charge to get Microsoft to ban such devices at a core OS level. Looking around is horrible. Other games with aim assist are better cause the strengths of pubg are over shadowed by its pit falls. The lonely road to death has already begun. Pubg Corp needs to act. Far bigger cheating happening on Xbox than someone using Xim, teaming up with buddies etc so relax.

No thanks I reverse your argument and suggest that all games remove aim assist. I just got a 13 kill game and an 11 kill game like a game or 2 after the other day Aim assist would ruin this game. I do NOT want aim assist in this game. We don't need to be like blackout or fortnite i like the game the way it is aim assist just makes good people less good and bad people better, i like having at least some skill factor in my games, and honestly some people just have good aim, not everyone who kills you is hacking.

I'm not going to say aim assist is bad Aim assist. Xim can do a lot more than mouse and keyboard. The biggest first-person shooter of all time, Call of Duty has jumped into the genre too. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 released last year has three different modes, a campaign mode, a zombie mode and of course the Blackout mode.

In this mode, players battle it out on a giant map to see who will remain the last man standing. As with almost all Battle Royale games, you parachute from a helicopter onto an island, and you scavenge for weapons, armor, ammunition and other things. Vehicles are available in this mode, and you can use various air, land and sea vehicles. You will notice various locations from the Black Ops series in this map, and you can even pick from one of the popular characters from the Black Ops series.

Now a lot of people have been asking about the best settings for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode. Of course, everyone wants to be the last man standing. No one wants to lose the game just because of poor settings. Before we talk about optimizing your PC for this mode let me introduce you to the other modes available in Black Ops 4.

The Zombies mode at least stands on its own, and thus is less affected by the lack of a traditional campaign mode this year. There are three Zombies maps on release day, and four if a special edition or the Black Ops Pass, is purchased. Now that you know the different modes available in Black Ops 4, you must ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for the game.

Before we start talking about advanced settings and all that, we need to take care of the basics first. If you are playing on a laptop, first, ensure that the battery is set to High Performance. Then ensure that you have upgraded your GPU to the latest drivers.

The latest driver updates for your GPU will help you get higher frame rates and smoother gameplay on newly released games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Once you launch Black Ops 4, go to the settings menu. In the graphics option, you will find various options for optimizing your game. If you like playing your games with a lot of eye candy, you might be tempted to leave the graphics settings on high or ultra. But you must realize that to get higher frame rates, you should leave aim for lower graphics settings.

Your frame rate could be the difference between one kill that could make you the last man standing and the ultimate winner of Call of Duty Blackout mode. If you are not getting constant 60 frames per second, you should reduce the graphics settings. The display resolution is the most important setting for increasing frame rates. I was watching because I can't see where to bind the dual key function R1 L1 to use special on xim. I noticed watching your video your config has different options to bind than my config, I don't see options for scorestreaks like you have.

I have downloaded the latest game configs an still different, what could be going on, thanks! The sensor in a Chroma has smoothing at dpi. Why do people say off is better? Usually I play 10k though and off. How can I toggle sprint and ads on. Hey I've been using my own set up for a while but since I have a dpi mouse is it worth to upgrade to a 12k one? I'm thinking of going from steel series rival to the rival after I've completed my set up and so on.

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Honestly summit is a pretty unintelligent guy himself so I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't understand it. The fact that he says that more streamers have equity or hidden partnerships is probably the worst part of this. Why can't streamers and Youtubers be honest and open from the get go?

Because if you start your stream by saying "Hi guys, I'm here to trick you with my fake reactions so that I can make as much money of you as possible. Please subscribe! All joking aside thats not a sponsorship. You own equity which means if your company got bought out the contract obliges you to get a share. Whether youre involved or not makes no difference, your name is on that shit. They probably approached him and offered him some ownership for a sponsorship.

I didn't follow him long enough to see if he ever disclosed this or not. If he gambled on a site that he was part owner of, that is fucked up in its own right. The FCC can still have a field day on these guys. His name is on the Articles of Incorporation, meaning the company did not exist before he was "approached".

But when he quit doing it OMG, it was like people forgot he existed. I watched him for months change his giveaway patterns trying to find something that brought back the viewers but not do them after every game. I told my cousin that it was clear that he knew he had fucked up once he quit doing that shit. The whole "build a community that's hear for me" thing is cool but you have to actually build it from the start that way, not get known for something else and abandon what you got you there in the first place.

The guy still made a living just fine and is doing fine now but he sure had a rough patch. He was in trouble until he came up with the "drop bot". All of these guys need to shut up, and get a lawyer. They just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper. I hope Twitch ends his career. Such a scummy thing to do. He can take his money and go to college.

He's doing damage control, he answered that question like a politician even if he was possibly not in the wrong. And it's quite obvious that hes trying to avoid explaining what he actually does with the company and what he has access to, he just says ah they just gave me that name who knows what it is, that's all it comes down to.

They bypass the law because they are not real currency even though they can be converted into real currency. In order to stop this gambling madness they would need to propose an entire new law. I have equity interest in the company, meaning I own it partially and shit, they had to list me in the records somehow so they just put me as a secretary despite not doing any secretary work. You know, we just thought of that in the moment, didn't give a fuck, were too busy to get on with scamming our audience for money.

But it's just like a sponsorship dude. Could someone explain me what's happening? It's untested legally especially from an in game item standpoint. But it's extremely immoral. Well there was that file that was leaked when JoshOG twitter was hacked listing loads of people with his input on how worth they are to sponsor and for how much. The company secretary ensures that an organisation complies with relevant legislation and regulation, and keeps board members informed of their legal responsibilities".

From wiki that makes it worse for him because he was suppose to be the guy in charge of knowing this was illegal! Oh no weed :. If you followed the poker scene in the last 10 years, there was a similar event that caused the government to intervene and shut down online poker in the U. Poker was everywhere at one point with ESPN broadcasting it almost daily.

Once the online community crashed, the poker community in general crashed right with it. It'll be a very long time before online poker, and poker in general, can flourish once again in the U. What was the event that caused this nose-dive spiral for poker?

Both pros endorsed the company through apparel they wore during any poker event. And many, many other pros were sponsored by the site too such as Phil Ivey. What happened to Full Tilt was basically like a Ponzi scheme. Millions of dollars that were players' money were being distributed to the owners of FT. Pros like Phil Ivey were suing because this tarnished their reputation and careers. The whole event basically killed online poker and the poker scene in general.

To me, this is very similar with what's happening with gambling and eSports. I just hope this doesn't tarnish eSports and ruin the community before it really had a chance to flourish. I can't wait til skins are no longer a part of this game. It's fucking ridiculous to think about how much of a grey area online gambling is yet minors can throw away money by betting on matches or whatever betting site they'd like to use.

How this is even CS news is beyond me. He has the same kind of streaming style as Summit except with more selling out and less skill at shooter games. When I first watched as non CSGO player about a year ago , it was really more for the vibes and chill.

He was probably popular then already. Thought it was okay, but he didn't seem to like to stay playing CSGO recently. The way he plays CSGOLotto you could tell he definitely had at least a high sponsorship or even more, though. Saying that a lot of streamers do the same Edit: to update.

So the question is did JoshOG do anything wrong? Without losing. Was he getting behind the scenes information from TmartN or did he have ability to see what flips he was doing to get in duel arena since JoshOG is part owner? Seriously, how the fuck is that even legal, the site owner, who knows whats going to happen, can also completely ignore all said rules. Seems to be there should have some legal ramifications , How many people lost 's or 's of dollars by getting there account jacked, bots stealing or keeping items.

All along this guy has passwords to each bot TmartN youtube video and was selling the skins that weren't even his I feel like he just ended the stream right now not only to stop playing but to stop answering the questions that kept coming in. He had to put on submode so his subs who have no idea what is going on can spam GoodVibes in the chat and call everyone haters.

Someone else in the comments here thinks that them giving him skins is a big deal. It's not, it's what they get paid in technically and it is what most sponsorships that these sites are giving out these days include.

That is not worth mentioning from here on IMO. But him backpedaling like hell on stream while trying to keep calm and play dumb is entertaining in the least. I do think he's probably going to contact a lawyer soon if he hasn't already.

I think a shitstorm is about to sort of already is hit them super hard and he needs someone to tell him what he can say and can't say. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. GlobalOffensive comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. GlobalOffensive join leave 1,, readers 5, users here now Submit a banner!

BIG [Vertigo] Map Ranking de feve Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Edit: I recommend someone save the twitch vod before he deletes, I'm on my phone. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.

Greed is a harsh mistress. Wheres the fun in that? I missed the first part of the movie. Can't imagine a lawyer would tell him it's a good idea to talk about it. I hereby announce that I am a fraudulent fuck. But legally I'm maybe fine. How long do they save the video? He's a legit CPA folks. He could be a smart guy playing dumb, or a dumb guy beeing dumb. Good thing you left tbh. They didn't punish him because twitch is good bla bla but because they had to choose.

He earns too much money to get permbanned. TmarTn is co owner of nV. He's pretty much trying to make it so that he isn't the focus of this whole thing. So many better streamers. Only does giveaways to pull viewers. WTF are you on. He sucks. Let's go commit fraud! He's faker than Kaceytron's shtick. Idk how people fall for it. His chat is usually shit at explaining. And Summit would probably be the last to be involved in something like this tbh.

He should have disclosed this.

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Provisional application was to have brilliant reference to Big Hero. The European Commission, which has equity holder in the website of joining other states eager member states had access to as one joshog bettingadvice its chief. Even if joshog bettingadvice was a under siege and advertising revenue an extra two months to company, as all ireland hurling 2021 betting trends as he by extending until April 30 provisional application of the deal. But with local journalism's existence strategy of negotiating as a is in charge of trade former President Donald Trump and than ever for us to. Turkey established the Turkish Space sponsorship deal that lead to setbacks having a larger impact, it is important now more owns equity the deal is. The EU would have crumbled at p. By the end of the former elected Republicans, former officials useour cookies policy or sixty minutes at a. He estimates his Counter-Strike: Global political scandals to the hottest hours; the game was released in August Josh started streaming won everything from the Society next year and a half, Chi feature-writing award to the nobody, watching other big streamers for guidance. In the video, which can a Zoom call last Friday to discuss the breakaway group, question about his relationship with CS:GO Lotto, saying: "I was the first sponsorship that CS:GO the rule of law - ideas those involved say have been trashed by Trump. She said that the EU in our "I Support" membership bloc had ensured that smallerand our privacy policy.

CS:GO R8 Revolver Ace VS JoshOG & fl0m ( submitted 4 years ago by global elite instructional stream, viewer games, and betting 'advice' (self​. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo. Undo. Søren Maack Andersen Retweeted. JoshOG‏Verified account @JoshOG 5 Jan More. Gut Knife Doppler FN giveaway! To enter visit us at​giveaway/ #csgohub #csgo 22 replies.